Music Class Piano Recitals

The Otters are doing a wonderful job learning to clap rhythms with quarter and eighth note patterns. They loved moving to the music and learning about Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite.”

The Lemurs enjoyed dancing to Heal Toe On the Line. They are learning to play quarter and eighth note rhythms with rests and they are singing the songs “Ickle Ockle Blue Bottle” and “Winter Snowflakes.”



Class Recital Day was a huge success! The students did a wonderful job performing their pieces on the baby grand piano at Quest Academy!  The students selected a Classical piece by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, or Chopin to play for the class.  The third and fourth grade students also created a Google Slideshow describing their selected piece and the composer of the piece.  Here are the links for each class from the Class Recital Day!

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Beluga Whales




Tree Frogs




Please save the date for the upcoming K-2 Musical “Stone Soup” on March 14 at 8:45 a.m.

Hope to see you all at the Knight of All Knight Auction!

The Band Came to Visit!

The Beluga Whales had a wonderful visit from the Symphonic Band this week!  The students listened and identified the trumpet, saxophone, tuba, snare drum, xylophone, and flute.  The students were so excited to hear the Symphonic Band students perform for them and asked lots of questions.  Then the Beluga Whales played the piano for the older students and received a little extra help and suggestions on their pieces.  It was a wonderful experience



The Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade musical “Stone Soup” will take place on Wednesday, March 14 at 8:45 a.m.  The students are working hard to prepare for this exciting event. Please save the date! Also, the Class Piano Recital for Grades 1-4 will be next week on the baby grand piano at Quest Academy.


The Sea Turtles and Seals learned a Japanese folk song called “Sei Sei Sei” and learned the accompanying hand clapping game.  The students enjoyed finding new partners and singing the song at fast and slow tempos.  The students also played handbells to the song “Find a Penny,” exploring sol-mi with singing and on handbells.


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The Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students are doing an amazing job with the sound shapes.  The students loved listening to the different sounds that the instruments make.  They played a variety of challenging rhythms on the sound shapes.

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The Harmonizers are doing an amazing job learning the Latin piece “Da Pacem Domine” and the three-part Spiritual “Yonder Come Day.”  The students have been singing and playing the violin, drums, and keyboards during our rehearsals!


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Jazz Music in January

The Lemurs and Otter, Sea Turtles and Seals have been learning about the life of jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald and her song “A Tisket, A Tasket.”  They played Boomwhackers and xylophone instruments with jazz rhythms.  They listened to multiple recordings of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. They also learned to play “A Tisket, A Tasket” and “Warm up on the Grand Staff” on the piano keyboard.  The students love to sing and dance in class and they are doing a wonderful job of learning challenging rhythms on their instruments.


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The 1st and 2nd grade students are doing a variety of musical activities including Boomwhackers with the song “Ebeneezer Sneezer,” folk dancing with the song “The Grand Old Duke of York,” and piano playing with “Ode to Joy” and “I Like Rhythm.”  The students are so enthusiastic and excited about all of the new music! A reminder that the K-2 Musical will be in the morning on Wednesday, March 14.



The 3rd and 4th Grade Students are learning about jazz music and rhythms.  The students used iPads to create syncopated rhythms and then played these rhythms on the piano keyboard.  They are learning to play I, IV, and V7 chords with both the left and right hands.  The students are preparing a piece of Classical music and a Google Slideshow for their piano recital.



Winter Concert Success!

This week we had two amazing Winter Concerts at Quest Academy.  On Tuesday evening, the Tigers & Bears wowed the audience with their Seven Feet of Snow!  They played their recorders on Jolly Old St. Nicholas and played drums to Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka.  They sang a beautiful arrangement of Edelweiss from “The Sound of Music.”

The Wolves and Tree Frogs were amazing with their performance of Do-Re-Mi, Winter Wonderland, and Seasons: A Winter Day.  They also did a great job playing their ukuleles.


The Lions & Geckos did a wonderful job singing Duermete Mi Nino, My Favorite Things, and Minka.  They also played holiday carols on their Nuvo Flutes!

On Friday morning, the Otters were adorable singing The Mitten and I’m a Little Snowman.  They also played the tambourine and sang a Hebrew folk song called Bim Bam.

The Lemurs played the xylophone instruments and sang the song Snowy Mountain.  They used sign language for the song Light a Candle for Peace, and they played jingle bells as they sang along to Jingle Bells!

The Seals and Sea Turtles performed a song in Hindi called Nani Tari Morni and sang a traditional carol called Deck the Halls.  They also danced and played rhythm sticks and shakers to the upbeat song Penguin Cha Cha.

The Beluga Whales and Dolphins did an amazing job with their jazzy rendition of Let it Snow.  They also sang and played the glockenspiel on Yuki Kon Kon and they wowed the crowd with their singing on Winter Fun!

Watch this video of the Harmonizers performing at the winter concert!


Winter Concert Coming Up!

Please save the dates for our upcoming performances:

2nd-5th Grade Winter Performance     Tuesday, Dec. 12   6:30 p.m.

The theme for the concert is “The Sound of Holiday Music” and the kids will perform songs from the Sound of Music as well as songs from around the world!
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Preschool-1st Grade Winter Performance   Friday, Dec. 15   8:45 a.m.
The theme will be songs and stories about winter songs and stories.
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Image result for where is home little pip  Image result for mitten book
The Harmonizers are preparing for the Winter Concert with
violin, tambourine, and ribbon dancers.


The third grade students are doing amazing job on the ukuleles and will perform at the winter concert!



Instruments Abound

The Preschool and PreK are singing and playing Autumn songs. They sang “I’m a Little Acorn Round” and “Over the River” and learn to play quarter and eighth note rhythms on the triangles.

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The 2nd Grade students are playing the recorders with clear intonation.  They have been learning to play “Au Clair de la Lune” and “Merrily We Roll Along” this week in music class.  They are also singing “Let Us Chase the Squirrel” and adding fun movements to this song.

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The 3rd Grade students are doing a great job on the ukuleles.  So far they have learned to play “My Darling Clementine” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”  The students have learned to play the C, F, and G7 chords on the ukulele and are learning different strumming patterns.

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The Fourth Grade students are playing the Nuvo flutes in class.  They are starting to produce a wonderful sound on the instrument and many have even moved on to a more challenging mouthpiece on the instrument.  We will be performing on the Nuvo Flutes at the Winter Concert.

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The Harmonizers performed at the Veteran’s Day Assembly.  They did a wonderful job singing “Proud of our Veterans” for the entire school.

Music Class Meets zSpace!

My music students found zSpace to be an enriching educational experience.  We learned about the families of instruments, specifically brass, strings, woodwinds, and percussion in first and second grade.  The students in third and fourth grade were able to dissect instruments and explored sound production in different instruments.




The Bears and Tigers are hard at work playing their recorders.  They can now play the notes B, A, G, and E on the recorders and have played music in major and minor keys.  The students have improved their breath support and can now play half and whole notes on the recorders. Students also played xylophone instruments to accompany their singing.  Estelle’s dad brought in a homemade xylophone for the class to play!


The Otters, Lemurs, Sea Turtles and Seals are working in centers to explore minor mode.  The students learned to play the triangle in 3/4 time and played rhythm sticks to Halloween rhythms.  They also played “Pass the Pumpkin” and sang “Ghost of John” with xylophone accompaniment.  The students continue to impress me with their hard work and determination!



Makerspace Instruments in Music!

We used Makerspace instruments created with Mrs. Jurewicz to accompany spooky stories.  From bottle cap castanets to paper plate tambourine to plastic cup shakers the students were very proud of the instruments they created!

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The Tigers and Bears have been singing “Sarasponda” and they learned a fun dance to accompany this song.  The students are working on singing with correct breath support and clearly enunciating syllables.


Harmonizers are working hard on playing the piano, violin, and singing.  We are preparing for the Veteran’s Day assembly in November and the Winter Concert in December.  We recently performed at the Generosity Pageant!



Knights on the Run – Harmonizers


The Harmonizers did a wonderful job singing the National Anthem at Knights on the Run event on October 1.  Many of the students participated in the run as well and it was a great event for Quest Academy!




In 3rd and 4th grade students are exploring adding sound effects to poems.   We used GarageBand and xylophone instruments and performed the compositions for the class.



In the Lemurs, Otters, Sea Turtles and Seals, we are learning about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” Musical.  We are also singing and accompany on instruments to Two Little Kitty Cats, Naughty Kitty Cat, and Bought Me a Cat.

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The 1st and 2nd grade students are creating melodic compositions based on the book Pete the Cat Rockin’ in my School Shoes.




Peter and the Wolf!

In Preschool this week, we sang and danced to Chicken on the Fencepost.  In Pre-K and Kindergarten, we learned the solfege syllables using hand signs and discussed sixteenth notes in class.  The students are doing a wonderful job clapping complex rhythms and singing with clear vowel pronunciation.

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Everett’s dad, Mr. Masterson, came to visit the Wolves and Tigers classes this week.  Mr. Masterson is a composer, and he shared some of his compositions with the class.  He plans to visit again in the school year and hopes to provide feedback on student compositions this year!


The Tigers and Bears are doing a fantastic job learning to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder with the notes B, A, and G.  We are learning to use correct posture, good breath support, and clear rhythms on the recorder.


This week we explored Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and learned about the characters.  Each of the characters is represented by a different instrument including the French horn, violin, clarinet, bassoon, and oboe.  The students learned to play rhythms with rhythm sticks.

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Nishant performed for the class on his guitar.  Anthony performed for the class on the violin.  Each week, students are invited to bring in music from home or from lessons to perform for the class.


The Little Knights are off to a great start!  This class for toddlers and their parents at Quest Academy was a lot of fun.  To watch a short video of the kids in action!